Yanushka Lucía Antil

About Me

Yanushka is a vibrant 5-year-old girl living in Miami, with a rich heritage that includes Native American, Maya, and Russian descent. Her diverse cultural background enriches her personality and creativity.


Yanushka dreams of becoming a child actor, bringing her infectious energy and unique perspective to the screen. She loves singing, dancing, and being outgoing, always ready to entertain and capture hearts with her bright smile and captivating presence.

Yanushka, Child Actor


In this delightful video, prepared for Mrs. Chica’s World Fair project, our young explorer takes us through a journey filled with rainbow-colored birds, giant stone cities, and mountains that breathe fire! 🐦🌋

2024 - Mother's Day Song

In this heartwarming video, Yanushka, sings a beautiful song dedicated to Mother’s Day.

Her angelic voice and joyful spirit shine through as she sings, celebrating the love and bond between mothers and their children. With her infectious energy and captivating presence,

Yanushka delivers a touching performance that is sure to bring smiles and warm the hearts of all who watch.

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